Meer Foundation has been established with a singular vision in mind – to influence and develop a culture where women are recognized as being equal to men in every aspect. Achieving this equality is our driving force and at the heart of everything we do. We strive to evoke the spirit in men and women to work together for the greater good of our society.

Our Vision

Empowered Women. Empowered Society.

Our Mission

To enable, enhance and encourage - empower women by making them feel appreciated and inspired, and to foster humility, pride and gallantry among the men in their lives. To tap into the bravery, warmth and optimism that exists within us all.

We aim to achieve equality whilst celebrating our differences.

Our Team

What we do

We actively support:
Initiatives and Programmes that empower and strengthen Women.

On-field projects, knowledge sharing initiatives, awareness models, research and advocacy.

In the course of action, we have and will continue to establish key partnerships with NGOs, research institutions, humanitarian organizations, Hospitals and Governments.

This will help create a network of like-minded organizations to achieve the desired long-lasting impact.

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